A non-Invasive Ancient technology based on Sacred Geometry and the POWER of MUSIC and LIGHT!


Instructions BEFORE Your Physical HARMONIC EGG Session:

  • Please, wait for any other energy work close to your HEGG session. Why? Because the body needs time to integrate different modalities. We must allow the body time to process and integrate the vibratory session. This includes Acupuncture, Reiki, or any other energy work. More is not better. Talk with the other practitioners you are seeing and check their integration times. One week between each modality is ideal.

  • Dress Comfortably. The HARMONIC EGG SESSION is incredibly relaxing. If you wish to expose your arms or legs to the Light, you can bring extra clothes to change. If you like cozy socks, you could pack them with you. We do ask you remove your shoes and any jewellery when you enter the HARMONIC EGG.

  • Bring a sweater. The studio is a little bit cold; we need it to keep the Sound Equipment in optimal conditions. However, in case you need it, you will have a clean blanket every session. Thank you for your comprehension.

  • Bring a water bottle. You can fill or refill it at the studio and we will provide you with a free post-session drink with our incredible Superieur Electrolytes which will help in your hydration/detox process. In addition, proper hydration for the days after your session is a commitment you are making to your health and the process. We are also offering the Superieur Electrolytes in canisters and single serve packs in case you wish to purchase for home use. They are so tasty and sugar free!

  • Focus on the Main Intention. Intention plays a huge part in aligning with our HARMONIC EGG SESSIONS. Think about what is most important to you and your well-being right now. This will help things be clearer and more focused on the physical, mental, or spiritual level. Remember, they are intimately connected, so by working on one, you are working on all of them! If you are not sure how, I am here to help! We can discuss your intentions and decide the best pathway to achieve your goals.

  • The complete session inside the HARMONIC EGG is 50 minutes; 40 minutes receiving Light and Music and 10 minutes of Light and Silence to integrate the work done (add at least 15 mins to fill the Intake form). If you need something during the session, we have a ring bell inside a side pocket of the zero-gravity chair.

  • Understand the ANS Reboot. Every first sesssion in the HARMONIC EGG starts with the Autonomic Nervous System Reboot Protocol. We do this to bring the body back into balance, as resetting the nervous system allows you to get into a harmonious state, which is more receptive to further, deeper, and targeted changes. These energy modalities are powerful and we have to respect the process by not being harsh on the body. The ANS reboot is Gail Lynn's "most important first step" to reset the body. After, we can follow up with more sessions to address long withstanding, deeper ailments, and wellness goals.

  • Bring an open heart to open yourself to miracles and create new paradigms! A little bit of effort has to be done to maintain your higher frequency and wellness. Like finding activities that make your heart smile, techniques to relax or Mediate, exercise as Yoga, QiGong, Somatic Stretch, (or your favorite one!), Connecting with Nature and Earthing (walk barefoot on the Earth), sorrounding yourself with like minded people, eating healthy or do some Art Therapy. We have to find tools to mantain a positive state. We can do it!

  • Are you Ready to ReBIRTH?
Sound and Light Therapy Chamber

Instructions AFTER Your Physical HARMONIC EGG Session:

Integration is the key for transformation. Your cells and body need to integrate the new frequencies that you have been exposed to in your session. It is the most important process. People that have not taken care of themselves after the session, have not integrated as well as others. To integrate properly we must rest, hydrate, stay positive, and eat lighter food.

  • The body detoxifies in many levels. Please drink plenty of water (at least 2 litres per day) for the next 5-7 days to flush, detoxify, and ReSET the body. Electrolytes are a key supplement for integrating the session as they support the detox process: aids in hydrating the cells, helps them to communicate better and replenish minerals. That’s why after every session you will receive an electrolyte drink. We have electrolytes available for purchase, as well, to maintain your body mineral balance.

  • Try to rest as much as possible after your session to facilitate your body's work on the integration. Recommendation: at least the next 24 hrs and keep nurturing yourself for the next 5-7 days.

  • Wait for other energy work close to your session. The body needs time to integrate different modalities. We ask that you do not have any other energy work done prior or after, at least by one week. This includes acupuncture, reiki, or any similar type of work. More is not better and we must allow the body time to process (integrate) the session. Talk with the other practitioners you go to about their integration times if you are unsure.

  • You can purchase Harmonic Egg music to help anchor the sessions. The music is very peaceful, calming, meditative and can be played for pets as well. Children are also meditating with Parents to this music. If you purchase the music, listen to one track per day and follow the same steps you did for your session (you can also use it before sleeping). Visualise yourself in the desired outcome, reconnect with your intention, and imagine yourself surrounded by the colours that you experienced. Do some deep Breathing. Healing is in progress!

  • Eat a good diet for a few days. Lighter portions and more fruits and veggies. Avoid heavy meals, cream sauces, fried foods, and refined sugar (for better and long-time results, consider to do it permanently!).

  • Consider to start or continue with a practice that makes you feel happy like hiking, painting, singing, writing, and/or a practice that relaxes you, as meditation, mindfulness, Yoga, Qi Gong, etc.

  • We follow up with you the next day to see if you have any questions. You are welcome to contact us and share any feedback about the session or ask questions prior to our follow up. For Any questions, please text me at: 236-512-6771.

  • Thank you for coming, Happy Healing Journey!